light, text | dimensions : 1150mm x 160mm

A CONCAVE SIN was created for the exhibition, ‘Be Our Guest’, in which a Bed & Breakfast establishment was constructed within a gallery space. A CONCAVE SIN is a light/neon work that is a play on the traditional sign, 'No Vacancies', often displayed in a window at Bed & Breakfast establishments. A CONCAVE SIN is an anagram of NO VACANCIES.  The anagram serves as a metaphor for change and transformation. This simple, playful rearrangement of letters mirrors the continual modifying and reordering of the accommodation as a stream of guests make it ‘home’ for a night, a weekend, or their fortnight by the sea. The new words hint at the transformative and liberating affects of being on holiday but also contain a darker undercurrent of possible misdemeanours and indiscretions.

The artist would like to thank Optiva Signs, Chicago, for their generous support with Spell Brite™ in the creation of this work.