Object / Sculpture

(Resin Cast Model Bungalow, Card, Paint, Wrens Nest, Replica Birds Eggs)

'Nest', consists of a modified 1:148 scale model of a 1930's bungalow. There is a ladder and scaffolding erected at one side of the house and part of the roof has been removed, as if the building is undergoing repair or renovation. The attic space is therefore visible. Inside the attic is a real, full size, birds nest. Inside the nest are 3 eggs, one of which is significantly bigger than the other two. The nest is that of a Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes). Two of the eggs are Wren's eggs, the other a cuckoos (Cuculus canorus).
 The sense of scale of the real nest within the model house is intend to create a sense of both familiarity and unease. The dark space above the family home has been occupied by an uninvited creature that is simultaneously tiny and giant - a presence within….living...breathing...brooding...incubating, hatching.....a monster in the attic.