The Return

video object HD | colour | stereo | dimensions variable| video object REQUEST TO A VIEW LARGER VERSION OF WORK  The Return is part of a body of work entitled Fugue. The Return is a video object consisting of a small LCD screen embedded in an old wooden music box. The box sits on similarly styled … Read More


video HD | colour | stereo | dimensions variable| continuous projection VIEW LARGER VERSION OF WORK  |  REQUEST PASSWORD offreterffo takes Andrei Tarkovsky’s final film, The Sacrifice, (Offret, in the original Swedish) and creates a composite image formed by playing the film forwards and backwards simultaneously.  The work is projected as a continuous loop. The palindromic form is analogous to that of a … Read More

Above & Below

site specific, public artworklcd screens, security cameras, computer, multi-display controller | continuous Above and Below, was a public art project located in Correction Wynd tunnel, beneath Union Street, one of the main thoroughfares in Aberdeen. In the tunnel 4 LCD screens are fixed overhead, facing the ground. As pedestrians pass through the tunnel they can … Read More

The Angel of Callange

videoHD | 2 channels | colour | stereo | dimensions variableVIEW LARGER VERSION OF WORK  |  REQUEST PASSWORD ‘The Angel of Callange’, derives from a retracing of the first aerial voyage in Scotland. In October 1785, an Italian nobleman, Vincenzo Lunardi, made the first balloon voyage in Scotland – a daring and dangerous, 43 mile, helium balloon voyage … Read More

— . … … .- –. .

video — . … … .- –. . consists of an LCD screen, housed in a small, clear-glass, bottle. The form alludes to both a ship in a bottle and to the idea of a message in a bottle, simultaneously suggesting both an impossible object and a desperate communication. The LCD screen displays a video image of the mouth of a harbour. … Read More

First there is the mountain…

video continuous projection | colour | stereo | dimensions variable VIEW FULL RESOLUTION VERSION OF WORK  |  REQUEST PASSWORD In, ‘First there is the mountain….’, a single, static, view shows a mountain slowly disappearing and reappearing in mist. Sometimes the mountain is completely obscured for several minutes, leaving only an almost white screen with the barely discernible movement of the mist. … Read More

The Large Escaping

video (edited extract) HD | colour | stereo | dimensions variable| 168 mins REQUEST TO VIEW FULL WORK  The Large Escaping uses the familiar film classic, ‘The Great Escape’ as its source. However, the audio of the film has been altered. By utilising both the English version of the film and the dubbed, German version, … Read More

I may be some time….

video13:31 mins | colour | stereo | 4:3 | dimensions variableVIEW FULL RESOLUTION VERSION OF WORK  |  REQUEST PASSWORD ‘i may be some time..’ takes it’s title from the famous last words of Captain Oates, who took his leave of Captain Scott and the rest of the doomed South Pole expedition party in 1912 to walk to his inevitable … Read More

electric chair

video projection black & white | stereo | continuous | dimensions variable VIEW FULL RESOLUTION VERSION OF WORK  |  REQUEST PASSWORD It first, electric chair, appears to be a brutal portrait of death. We are, it appears, witnessing the death of a man by electrocution. The work plays on ambiguity, uncertainty and authenticity. electric chair is … Read More