The Return

video object HD | colour | stereo | dimensions variable| video object REQUEST TO A VIEW LARGER VERSION OF WORK  The Return is part of a body of work entitled Fugue. The Return is a video object consisting of a small LCD screen embedded in an old wooden music box. The box sits on similarly styled … Read More

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video — . … … .- –. . consists of an LCD screen, housed in a small, clear-glass, bottle. The form alludes to both a ship in a bottle and to the idea of a message in a bottle, simultaneously suggesting both an impossible object and a desperate communication. The LCD screen displays a video image of the mouth of a harbour. … Read More


Object / Sculpture (Resin Cast Model Bungalow, Card, Paint, Wrens Nest, Replica Birds Eggs) ‘Nest’, consists of a modified 1:148 scale model of a 1930’s bungalow. There is a ladder and scaffolding erected at one side of the house and part of the roof has been removed, as if the building is undergoing repair or … Read More