Site Specific Sculpture (200 oak trees, documents, maps, GPS record) 2013 – present akin is a long-term, large scale, participatory, public artwork in which oak trees are to be planted across the region of Fife, in Scotland, to create a ‘future forest’.  Beyond the environmental and well-being implications of creating a forest of the future, … Read More

The Oracle

interactive installationLED Message Boards, with arduino controllers, sensors and computer | dimensions variable | continuous

Above & Below

site specific, public artworklcd screens, security cameras, computer, multi-display controller | continuous Above and Below, was a public art project located in Correction Wynd tunnel, beneath Union Street, one of the main thoroughfares in Aberdeen. In the tunnel 4 LCD screens are fixed overhead, facing the ground. As pedestrians pass through the tunnel they can … Read More


site specific installation ‘eden’ was a temporary light installation installed above the River Eden, on the arched under-span of South Bridge, a single-arched, 19th century, stone bridge in Cupar, Fife. The light was blue in colour (the colour replicating that used to represent rivers on Ordnance Survey maps) and was created from a continuous length of electroluminescent … Read More


6 channel networked audio installation | continuous audio | dimensions variable For the duration of the installation 4 haunted houses across Scotland were networked together through the internet (using early internet telephony technology). At each of these remote locations were a number of sensors gathering live data such as changes in temperature and fluctuations in light. This information … Read More